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Niki de Schryver

Founder, COSH! Conscious Shopping Made Easy
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Verena Asser

Store Account Manager NL, COSH! Conscious Shopping made Easy

About COSH!

COSH! is an initiative of Niki De Schryver, sustainable entrepreneur in heart and soul. 

We all wear clothes, every day. Our clothes are our second skin and part of our identity. But the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and inhumane industries in the world. Finding sustainable clothing isn't always easy. Conscious Shopping Made Easy' makes sustainable shopping easy. COSH! is a user-friendly online platform that helps consumers - without effort - find local conscious stores.

COSH! offers consumers an easy and fast search platform and visualises the sustainability characteristics of clothing brands in a clear way. Through COSH!, shoppers can find shops in their neighbourhood that offer sustainable fashion within their style and budget. The custom-made shopping route - with personalised route map - brings shoppers to the door of clothing stores with a sustainable offer. Start with sustainable shopping at

COSH! is supported by Vlaanderen Circulair (in 2018), by accelerator Start it @KBC (2018), which supports innovative ideas and scalable business models, as well as by the sustainable project fund of City of Antwerp, the EU United Fashion Fashion Tech accelerator, the Imec.Istart tech accelerator and won in 2022 not 1 but 3 European accelerators: EU DigiCirc in Paris, EU S4Fashion in Athens and EU Fashion 4 Change in Tallinn. 

The official launch was 6 en 7 September 2019, since COSH! has been guiding three quarter million shoppers to more conscious shopping choices and is launched in The Netherlands since 2022 and Spain and Germany in 2023. 


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